Group show: Between grains of sand(salt)

9 June - 8 July 2023

by Samara Sallam & Kate Sterchi, Olivia Rode Hvass, Ihsan Saad Ihsan Tahir, Hannah Amalie Nielsen, Ida Raselli, and Abul Hisham.


In the group exhibition Between grains of sand(salt), gas9gallery presents works by seven young contemporary Danish and international artists whose works and multiple voices intertwine as a collective, caring and complex landscape engaging with contemporary crisis – worldly or otherwise. Some are whispering with a quiet sensibility, others are shouting, demanding our attention. Together the works form a pattern of personal, political stories that are non-linear and use fictions in their approach. 

Through various media; video, digital weaving, painting, sculpture and ceramics, the invited artists ask us to engage deeper and from multiple angles into stories that reach across time and spaces with new agents and tales. At first glance, the exhibition might resemble dream imagery, fables, or elements from far away spaces, but if you look closer it begins to take form as the world already known. Since ancient times, storytellers have engaged with disjointed timelines, flashbacks, memories, dreams, forcastings, and fantastic elements, in their attempt to capture the multiplicity of humanity, the material world and beyond. Such practices date back to Indian epics, e.g. the Mahabharata, Homer’s Iliad, Arabian night tales, and in contemporary times, it is most known from science fiction. In the last decades, this notion of the imaginary as world-building, has further gained credibility within the sciences as a means to counter western knowledge production and make room for new, complex narratives. 

With this in mind, the exhibition Between grains of sand(salt) presents artists who engage with digging out stories that disappear between the noise, and who look closely at the narratives we are presented with, and from where and whom we listen. We invite you to do the same.


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